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Submit Your Snowfall Report!
Please use the form below to let me know how much snow you received at your house! If the precip fell as sleet, ice, or a combination, please specify that in the comments field. Add any other comments you may have, then click submit to send the information to me. (The name and email fields are optional, but you must include your email address if you would like to receive a response.) Thank you very much for taking the time to fill this out!

Important Note: In the location field, I obviously don't want your exact address, but please be as precise as possible, i.e. "Mulberry Road" or "The Northern part of Bassett". If you put in something general such as "Henry County", I have no way of knowing exactly where you are in the county and your total will not be included on the map.

If a snowfall total is much higher or much lower than most other reports I receive, I reserve the right to not include it on my map. Please try to take accurate measurements and do not measure in snowdrifts.

Note: Only reports from Martinsville, Henry County, and Patrick County will be included on the map itself. Any other reports I receive will be included in a list.




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