"Why Live Longer?"

People try so many things that they hope will help them to live longer. They start taking a multitude of medications, go through painful surgeries or endure a long period of chemotherapy to try to treat their cancer. The question I ask is, why go through all of that when the result you're hoping for (a longer life) means it'll be even longer before you get to be up in heaven with Jesus?

Yes, I realize some of those people just want to spend more time with their families, especially children and grandchildren, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, for most people, I believe this perspective results from focusing too much on this world and too little on the next. By doing things to try to prolong your life, what you're really saying is this: "God, I'd just rather stay down here for a while longer and I'm not ready to join You quite yet!"

I try to write these articles without talking much about myself, but I feel like I can personally offer something to some of you on this subject. Compared to most people my age, I have an unusual comfort about the idea of death. Like Billy Graham has said, I'm looking forward to it. Now, I'm not saying that I'm so overjoyed about the idea that I hope to die soon; I'm very happy with my life right now and I feel like I still have a lot of work to accomplish, some of which I'm doing by having this section on my website. But I am very comfortable with the thought of dying because I'm looking forward to being with Jesus up in heaven, and I know He won't take me until my work here is completed. I also know heaven is infinitely better than earth, which seems to be going downhill every day.

If you aren't comfortable with that thought, I believe it likely means one of two things. Either you're not completely confident in your salvation, or you have become too focused on worldly things. For most Christians who are reading this, it's likely the latter. Worldly things can range from money and material possessions to your family and friends, which means they all aren't bad things in themselves. The concern I have is that, if you'd rather be with your family than with God, then you're putting God in the second spot or even lower when He should always be first. Besides, God will still be here to take care of whoever you may leave behind! I encourage you to enjoy the time you do have on the earth and do all that you can for God while you're here, but I also encourage you to look forward to death and the idea of being with Jesus. Eternity in heaven will be so much more incredible than anything we can even begin to imagine!