Martinsville Weather - Winter Storm Forecast Reviews for Other 2003-04 Winter Storms
This page contains brief reviews from three other winter storms that occurred earlier this season which I did not write a long review for.

Fri 01/09/04: This was my best forecast for a winter storm so far this winter. I predicted it 7 days in advance, while most other forecasters didn't predict it until about 3 days in advance. My original snowfall accumulation forecast of 2-4 inches was very accurate as most locations ended up with around 3 inches. The only bad part of this forecast was that I expected the snow to end in the morning, but it continued throughout the afternoon. For this winter storm, I give myself a grade of A.

Sat 12/13/03 - Sun 12/14/03: Overall I think my forecast for the last winter storm was pretty good. I only predicted it 5 days in advance, but that isnít too bad this time of year. My main problem was, along with most other people, I didnít think it would stay in the form of snow as long as it did, so my accumulation forecasts were a little low. Mainly due to those 2 factors, I give myself a grade of B+.

Thu 12/04/03: Overall my forecast for the last winter storm was pretty good. I thought we would get a few hours of snow at the start of it, which didnít happen and therefore held down the total accumulation. However, although one of the experts I know was forecasting 4-8 inches for this area, I didnít let the fact that I want a lot of snow to interfere with my forecast like I did so often last winter, and that is a very important thing to achieve. I did, however, predict the storm 6 days in advance, which is pretty good this time of year. I give myself an A- for this winter storm.