Compact Bible Studies
Longer Bible Studies
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The True Jesus - There are a lot of misconceptions in the world about who Jesus truly is. In this series, we will go through the four Gospels chronologically, discussing points along the way to show who Jesus really is, what He came to do, and who He came to save. (length: 365 short lessons)
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Bible Lessons for Children - This booklet contains 180 short Bible lessons aimed toward elementary-aged children, though they may also be beneficial to a new believer or anyone who might learn from reading through a brief overview of the themes and lessons present throughout Scripture. There are many Bible story books for children out there, but many of them do little or nothing to help children begin to see how the entire Bible is one continuous story, and how everything in both the Old and New Testaments points toward our Savior, Jesus Christ. (length: 180 short lessons)
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